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How it all began . . .

Jeff Lavoie, Co-Owner and CEO of All-Ways Accessible, began working in the construction industry when he was in high school. He worked with a local contractor framing houses. He also worked with his Dad, who owned a business doing concrete finishing. When Jeff finished high school, he chose to enter the U.S. Army, where his career path took a rather drastic turn. The Army, in its infinite wisdom, decided to send Jeff to nursing school, where he receiving training as a licensed practical nurse (LPN). He served as an Army medic and obtained additional medical citations.

Upon being honorably discharged from the military, Jeff returned home to New Hampshire (NH) and began working as a nurse. First he worked in a large local hospital. Then he moved to a durable medical equipment company that specialized in custom wheelchairs and rehabilitation equipment.

He quickly discovered that he could provide people with the means to get around via the use of a wheelchair or other mobility device, but getting in and out of their homes, or even just getting to the 2nd floor, proved a much greater challenge. So Jeff started working with different lift manufacturers, attended training schools, educating himself on the different code and safety regulations for the various products. He began installing stairlifts and ramps for his wheelchair clients, and then later on, after obtaining an elevator mechanic’s license from the State of New Hampshire, he began working with vertical wheelchair lifts, for both homes and businesses. As Jeff started to do more of these types of lifts, he saw an opportunity. At the time, the American’s with Disabilities Act, passed in 1990, and the concept of accessibility for people with disabilities was just beginning to have an impact on society. Jeff decided to branch out and start his own company which would focus on providing accessibility solutions for people with disabilities. In 1996, All-Ways Accessible, Inc. was born.

After working from home for about a year, All-Ways Accessible began to grow. Jeff became very busy selling and installing product. It was decided that Jeff need some help, especially in the office. Jeff’s wife, Liz Early, worked as an operations VP for a small local company. Liz’s background was in accounting, computer systems, and office management. It was decided that Liz would leave her job and join Jeff in running and developing All-Ways Accessible.

In January of 1998, they moved All-Ways Accessible out of their house and into a small office complex located at 128 Hall Street in Concord, New Hampshire (NH). They had 2 employees, a hand full of different products and served customers mainly in New Hampshire.

Today, All-Ways Accessible occupies just over 6000 square feet of space, employs 12 people, specializes in stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, residential home elevators, limited use limited access elevators (LU/LA), dumbwaiters, material lifts, patient lifts, modular ramps, and works with over 20 different manufacturing partners. All-Ways Accessible serves customers throughout New Hampshire (NH), Maine (ME), Vermont (VT) and stair lifts only in Massachusetts (MA).

All-Ways Accessible has recently undergone a major renovation to its showroom. It now boasts two working residential elevators, an IGD and a hydraulic model. There are also two different brands of stairlift, along with modular ramping products, and patient lift demo equipment.

Our Mission

The mission of All-Ways Accessible is to provide access solutions, via Elevators & Lifts, for residential and commercial customers.

We value teamwork, from the initial consult through the completed installation and then service after the sale; we are professionals. Therefore, we only partner with manufacturers who make safe, proven, reliable products.

We stand behind everything we sell with our customer satisfaction motto: "We All-Ways make it right."

Team All-Ways Accessible

Jeff Lavoie Staff Photo - Jeff Lavoie
President, Co-Owner
Licensed Elevator Mechanic, NH, ME, VT
Licensed Elevator Inspector, NH
Certified Aging in Place Specialist C.A.P.S.
Certified Graduate Associate C.G.A

Jeff oversees the sales department and the installation & service department. He is the All-Ways Accessible code guru. He sits on the board of directors for the Associated Builders & Contractors, NH/VT Chapter. He also sits on the board of the New Hampshire Home Builders & Remodelers Association.  Not to mention, he teaches the Certified Aging in Place Specialist C.A.P. S classes.

Dave Porter
Elevator & Lift Specialist

Staff Photo - Dave PorterDave comes to us with a multifaceted background in project management, new home design, and business development. His focus is always "customer first" as he strives to make the clients experience as positive and rewarding as possible. Whether the project is a private elevator in a new home, or commercial accessibility solution in a church or school, Dave will offer the expertise and personal commitment to make the project a success.

Ciara Robillard
Elevator and Lift Specialist
Staff Photo-Ciara Robillard

Ciara came to All-Ways Accessible with a Communications background. She previously came from a healthcare facility, bringing her expertise with customers to All-Ways Accessible, as the first person contacted when calling. Her pleasant voice and friendly demeanor make customers feel comfortable right away. Not only does Ciara assist the sales team, and answer the phones, she also has a knack for being creative and is in charge of updating All-Ways Accessible's social media and website pages.

Jayne King staff Photo - Jayne King

Service Coordinator 

Jayne came to the All-Ways team with a diversified background in the high-tech arena, including web administration, photography and operations. She is the person you will speak with when you need service on your lift. Often Jayne can help you get your lift running when it's something simple, but otherwise she schedules the mechanics, orders parts, and even runs the fork lift truck! When asked what she likes best about working in this environment, she says she likes to help people. She understands the urgency of their equipment working for them and does everything she can to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Jackie HerlihyStaff Photo - Jackie Alukonis

Jackie joined All-Ways Accessible as the accounting manager after several years as an assistant controller at Teledyne Benthos, Inc. and a long stretch as an accountant for Teledyne Printed Circuit Industry. What Jackie likes about this industry is meeting the needs of the community by making their lives easier and allowing folks to be more comfortable in their own homes.

Mike Racki                                                                                                                         Project ManagerMike Racki
Licensed Elevator Mechanic, NH, ME, VT 
Licensed Elevator Inspector, NH
Factory Trained Technician

As the most senior member of our technical staff, Mike is a very versatile member of the installation / service team. His technical expertise, which comes from years of installing literally hundreds of different types of lifts, lends to the quality assurance All-Ways Accessible strives for on each installation. Mike is a licensed elevator mechanic in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. Mike's favorite part of the job is figuring out things that others can't.

Gottlieb "Jay" Stoll Staff Photo - Jay Stoll

Licensed Elevator Mechanic, NH, ME, VT
Licensed Elevator Inspector, NH
Service and Repair Specialist                                             
Factory Trained Technician

Jay gives meaning to the word "service" in the phrase "Service Department". He repairs and maintains all the different lift products that All-Ways Accessible installs. His technical expertise, which again, comes from years of working on a variety of different equipment, enables him to fix "just about anything"! When asked what he enjoys most about his job at All-Ways Accessible, "my job presents me with a unique combination of challenges, variety and independence that I enjoy."

Gerry Buchanan Staff Photo - Gerry Buchannan

Licensed Elevator Mechanic, ME, NH
Accessibility Inspector, NH 
Accessibility Mechanic, VT
Factory Trained Technician                                             

Gerry has been involved in the installation of all the products All-Ways Accessible sells. Gerry will do what is necessary to get the job done right. Gerry does many of the stair-lift installs and is now doing service on most equipment.

Jeremy Lamson Staff Photo - Jeremy Lamson

Licensed Elevator Mechanic, NH, ME, VT 
Accessibility Lift Inspector, NH                                         
Factory Trained Technician

Jeremy is a former U.S. Marine who came to us with experience in diesel engine repair. Although he has been involved in the installation of all the various elevators and lifts sold by All-Ways Accessible, Jeremy prefers working with residential home elevators. Jeremy is very meticulous about his work, and enjoys working with customers and showing them how to enjoy their new elevator!


Bernie Albair

Bernie is the newest All-Ways Accessible team member. He came from working at Ride-Away, installing vehicle accessibility products. He is a very quick learner who excels at electrical, welding, and trouble shooting. 


What Our Customers Say

At All-Ways Accessible, we take pride in every elevator and lift we install. It’s all in the details. That’s why we send out a “report card” with every residential installation, so we know exactly how our customers experience was. Jeff Lavoie, President of All-Ways Accessible, commented “every company in the world says they have great customer service. That’s an easy thing to say when you’re sitting in the office. To determine if you truly do have great customer service, you need to ask your customers what they think”.

And that’s exactly what we do. Below is a list of all the “report cards” we receive each month. And we don't just post the good ones! The only area we black out is the name. We even provide customers with an incentive to complete and return the report card. Each customer that turns in a report card is entered into a monthly drawing. We draw a name and award a $50 gift card from a local retailer to each monthly winner.

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Who is Waldo?

A Bear In Search Of a Better Life...waldo

Waldo used to work for a local New Hampshire liquor broker as a promotional representative for Jack Daniels. He was an associate of Rich Early, who was a regional sales manager for the company. Waldo and Rich worked long hours together doing product promotions in local bars, ski areas, and restaurants as well as tastings and other special events in liquor stores. After working a string of late nights and long weekends, Waldo turned to Rich and said, “Bud, I need to find a new gig; this one is killing me!”

Rich looked at him for a long time, taking in his brown fur and the lumpy stuffing. “What else are you going to do?” he finally asked. “You’re a bear for Pete’s sake and a stuffed one to boot!”

Waldo just shook his head. “The late nights and weekends are wearing on me. Plus, I’d rather use my talents selling something more uplifting, more substantial. I’m a good promoter; people love me! I want to represent products that help people. I want to make a difference.”

Rich looked at him and smiled. “Bud, I just might have a solution. Let me talk to my sister Liz. She and her husband Jeff own All-Ways Accessible. They sell elevators & lifts; products that help people make their homes and business more “visitable” for people of all abilities. They might be able to use someone with your talents.”

A Bear With A Purpose . . .

Rich did as he promised. He talked to Jeff and Liz about Waldo, and they loved the idea of hiring a sales savvy bear who could help them spread the word about “visitability.” Waldo joined the All-Ways Accessible team as the community liaison and was recently promoted to Vice President of Public Relations. He’s now responsible for running programs like the annual Food Drive to help support the NH Food Bank, the annual toy drive for the US Marine’s Toys for Tots campaign, and even a local coat drive! Waldo works very hard planning and running All-Ways Accessible community outreach programs, and he’s always looking for new and different ways to make a difference.

In addition to his public relations responsibilities, Waldo does his utmost to promote better, more accessible living for everyone. He helps out at home shows, where he especially loves meeting kids. He goes on site visits and turnover visits with elevator clients so he can demonstrate all the features of a home elevator. Waldo really enjoys going on patient lift evaluations and installations. He loves showing people how to use them and also to help put them at ease when they use them for the first time. When Waldo is not visiting job sites or working a home show, he’s here in our showroom helping out with home elevator and stair lift demonstrations. If you would like more information on All-Ways Accessible community outreach programs, Email Waldo.